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Scarlet Paramilitary (Military + Navy / Holy / Town) themed heavy RP-PvP


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Guild OOC Application to join: no application for now IC-OOC interviews instead.

IC DOCUMENT: As you’re wondering through the Northlands or somewhere in Stormwind, you come upon a peculiar parchment posted with Scarlet propaganda clearly visible… if you decide to read it, it says ((with in lore citations added with brackets ):

"We all know that Terenas Menethil was the last true liege of Lordaeron. In fact, he was the last GREAT king in all of Azeroth.

Sadly, he was murdered by a son who had become obsessed with undeath. The same prince who slaughtered so many of our loved ones and raised them up as MONSTERS.

Yet we clung to one hope for the Menethil dynasty to live on: Princess Calia, the last living heir of King Terenas.

Sadly, that hope has been taken from us by a dark CONSPIRACY led by one of our own.

Though she was serving as a humble priestess, Calia Menethil was destined to REIGN in Lordaeron one day. The people of this great land would have risen up and helped her fight for the throne.

Anduin Wrynn knew this. He FEARED such a challenge to his reign. So he set about to bring her down.

The boy-king CONSPIRED with the Banshee herself to arrange a meeting between the living and the dead under a FALSE flag of truce. Traitor Wrynn seduced the Banshee into staging a FAKE massacre to lure out the good-hearted Princess Calia.

Then the traitor king had our princess MURDERED.

But that was not the end of Anduin’s foul scheme. No, he had his Banshee lover raise Calia as a lich… practically SPITTING on the grave of good King Terenas!


Because the traitor king is OBSESSED with the dead! He plans to MARRY Calia and secure his right to the throne of Lordaeron.

The Scarlet Brotherhood will not allow this to happen! We will BRING DOWN the traitor king and his undead puppet!

With tears in our eyes, we will burn the corpse of Princess Calia. Upon her ashes, Lordaeron will return to GREATNESS! [1]

They MURDERED our men, women, and children in cold blood.[2]

They took our holiest artifacts.[3]

They tried to extinguish our leadership.[4]


Twice, we’ve had the answer. Twice, we have had them stolen from us.[4]

They have taken EVERYTHING we love… but they CANNOT take the spirit of the Crusade that beats within our hearts and chests until our dying breaths as we martyr ourselves like Saidan Dathrohan and as did Uther before him for the GLORY OF THE HUMAN RACE!

1. [The_Would-Be_Queen]
2. [The Scarlet Enclave - known as the Scarlet Apocalypse]
3. [[“Within these barracks, the sniveling Scarlet Crusaders cling to their priceless artifacts, even though some of the objects are too holy for their now-undead hand to touch. So they keep them in chests, hidden from the world.” - Argent Crusade Commander Korfax
|[Crimson Boar]|
||[Lihanna’s Strand]||
||[Shroud of Uther]||
||[Gavinrad’s Sigil])||]
4. [The Scarlet Monastery wiped out and Sally Whitemane becomes at new Horseman.]
5. [The Ashbringer], [Light’s Wrath]


“Can you not see it, brothers and sisters? There is but one way to wipe the Scourge from the face of Azeroth. The Scarlet Crusade offers you the protection that you so desperately desire, and if you will pledge yourselves to us, surely we will reach our ultimate goal. Defy us, and you will be dispatched in a blaze of golden light unlike any you have ever witnessed...” Scarlet Commander Renault Mograine


> Table of Contents


> II. IC/OOC information and Joining

> III. Active Story Overview

> IV. Scarlet Lore, Stories, and Documents

> V. Scarlet Info Tabs

> VI. Scarlet Miscellaneous Info


Recruitment Status: OPEN and actively recruiting!

> ▬ An old (founded on 3/12/2013 as the City State of Alterac and 11/04/2012 as the Scarlet Hand), server notorious, constantly growing and logical Scarlet guild that has proud and rich roots as the first (successful) Alterac guild on MG that most Alterac guilds trace their roots to (the City State of Alterac). Since 2012 (with the Scarlet Hand’s founding,) we have been striving to perfect our quality of roleplay and provide a homely atmosphere where everyone is welcomed - rather that roleplay is Scarlet as it is now, or Alterac as we did before.

> ▬ Emphasis on Scarlet/Northlands cultural, heavy Scarlet and medieval lifestyle roleplay, character progression, skirmishes, RP-PvP against the Horde, and simple characters with humble beginnings hungry for character development and a friendly community.

> ▬ ‘Paramilitary’ RP with emphasis on creating/observing Northlander culture and traditions, as well as a mixture of Scarlet warfare, training our forces against the Forsaken threat, helping our fellow humans and subhuman allies combat the Horde, as well as settling down, developing a town with shops, trading wagons, politics, scouting expeditions, pilgrimages, character progression, immersive guild events, and a plethora not listed… because the limits are infinite! We welcome and cater to helping you bring your ideas for your character to life.

> ▬ A unique Scarlet Crusade faction because we adhere to canon lore by Blizzard canon and RPG inspiration and strive to prove we are different than any other Scarlet guild before or after us.


Basic Information

GUILD NAME: The Scarlet Reclamation

GUILD LEADER: Grand Crusader Kormed Wolfheart

UNOFFICIAL MOTTO: *“Have you not felt it when you fight the Scourge? Have you not thought of your fallen brethren and been filled with holy wrath? Wouldn’t any man react with righteous fury to an evil that threatened his loved ones? We fight hardest to protect what we love the most.” * - Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan

FACTION: Alliance, Scarlet Renegades & Scarlet Crusade (this means we are friendly to the Alliance and backed by the Alliance unlike more Scarlet factions)

RP: Heavy

PVP: Casual; occasional RP-PvP will happen

PVE: Casual, working on getting ready for BFA content


HICOM: Kormed (Grand Crusader of the Scarlets);


OFFICERS: searching for more!

JUNIOR OFFICERS: actively searching!