[A-RP] Order of the Eclipse (Recruiting Kaldorei, Quel'dorei, Ren'dorei)

Fliers covered with neat writing in violet ink can be found around various Alliance cities.

Elves of the Alliance! Whether you be Kaldorei, Quel’dorei, or Ren’dorei, I call upon you now. A call to unite in a time of peace in the wake of the tragedies that have befallen each of us. We have all suffered losses of home and family. Let us use these calamities to unify us as elven peoples. A new order has been formed by representatives of each elven race of the Alliance to accomplish these goals. We are the Order of the Eclipse, and we seek to heal the wounds of our most broken. We are choosing to put aside our differences, not for elven supremacy, but to find solace and a valued place within the Alliance. In the past, our cries have been ignored or shunted to the side. But now we find allies and advocates in each other. Answer the call and join your kin!
Lyarria Moonwhisper

The RP Ren’dorei guild formerly known as Children of a Dark Sun has joined forces with their fellow elves within the Alliance, both Kaldorei and Quel’dorei, to form the Order of the Eclipse. If you are a level 20 or higher Night Elf, High Elf, or Void Elf, we would love to have you join our ranks. Typically, we host our RP nights on Wednesdays and/or Fridays at 5 pm server time and often have other kinds of events scattered throughout the week.

A few other things to know:

  • We do not tolerate hateful speech or behavior and require that you be respectful to your guildies and all people in the game at large both IC and OoC. By wearing our guild name, you are representing us.
  • We are a lore compliant guild.
  • We welcome all ages but hold everyone to a high maturity standard.
  • We have a Discord server that we highly encourage you to join as it is where we post all of our events and goings-on. Plus pet and food pictures!

Thank you for reading, have a great day, and hope to see you in-game!


Sorry to see Children of a Dark Sun go! But it sounds like this new guild will be a lot of fun! I bet there’ll be some cool tensions between the elves too in some cases. I mean the Sin’dorei kicked the Quel’dorei out because they refused to use dark magic, and now the Ren’dorei got kicked out because they used TOO MUCH dark magic… and meanwhile a lot of Night Elves are still like :angry: at any magic use whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue: Could be some cool tension!


Love it! Long live the Elves of the Alliance!

And I agree Sarestha! That tension will make for some great interactions. Thats what we are shooting for. Having all 3 sides come to a common ground. We have a common ground and it all links back to the Sin’dorei in one way or another. Some of us lost our homes. Some of us got exiled. So there is LOTS of opportunity for story!


Tomorrow (October 28th) we will have an IC recruitment event in the Mage District at 5pm server time. Stop by and check it out!

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Cant wait to see you all out and about tonight! For the Alliance!


We’re currently hanging out in the Mage Quarter recruiting! If you’re interested, come on down! :smiley:

Y’all wouldn’t happen to accept alts would you? My main is Horde but I spend time on both sides.


As long as you’re active on your character then alts are fine. We just don’t want to become an alt graveyard. :smiley:

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The Order is still recruiting more elves for our cause. Come join us!

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Happy Saturday everyone!

We’ve got some fun stuff planned for our lovely elves this upcoming week as the reset hits on Tuesday and the Scourge event comes along with it! Please reach out to one of our officers if you’re interested in joining us. Lyarria, Taldarian, Alisendria, and Vellrys are the primary names to keep an eye out for.

Are you guys exclusively for elves?

For RP we want people’s mains to be elves. We do, however, allow people have non-elven non-RP alts. But the purpose of the guild is to be ICly elves only.


Hope everyone is enjoying kicking some Scourge-y butt! We have another event that coincides with the Scourge resurgence tomorrow evening!

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope the last week of the pre-patch is treating you well! We’re still looking for more elves to join our ranks. :smiley:

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Happy launch day everyone!

As always, we’re still happy to accept more Elven recruits as we head into a fresh expansion! Please be sure to find us on the guild finder, or message an officer to join! We’ll be pleased to have you on our adventures!

Thank you
– Alisendria


I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday!

If you have an elf that is interested in joining us, we would be happy to have you! We are in the guild finder in-game and just ask that you be active and level 20+. And an elf, of course!

If you’re an elf looking for a guild to call home, you can apply through the in-game guild finder. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new expansion! :purple_heart:

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Happy beginning of Season 1 everyone! We would love to see some more lovely elven faces in our midst. :green_heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart:

You guys sold me! Friendly group.

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We’re glad to have you with us Aethunrus!