A-RP <Oathsworn Aegis>


Dark times are upon Azeroth once more, with new threats emerging that many might choose to ignore, fearful for their own safety. While some might turn to their rulers and their governments for aid, others have come together to provide another solution. The Oathsworn Aegis has been formed to counter these threats and any others still lurking in the darkness, and to provide aid for those unable to defend themselves. Mercenaries and soldiers, adventurers and sages, all among the Aegis are dedicated to common cause- fighting back against the myriad of threats that plague the citizens of Azeroth.

Whispers abound of this mercenary group that seems unlike so many others, a group acting out of honor and compassion just as much as for the gold that pays for their services. If you possess the strength of arms to battle against the darkness, the heart to do what is right… and the desire to be rewarded for your efforts… then the Oathsworn Aegis will welcome you with open arms!


Oathsworn Aegis is a new Heavy-RP guild on the Alliance faction of Moon Guard. As a chaotic good/neutral mercenary group with a dedication to protecting those in need, we are open to all classes and races!

We are looking to form a tight-knit, LGBT+ friendly community that is welcome to all that share our passion for storytelling, good times and laughs!

Events are hosted using a fairly simply d20 system that prioritizes storytelling over math, and all members are both welcomed and encouraged to host their own events as we tell stories in this world that we all enjoy!

If you are interested in joining, feel free to whisper us!

GM: Avaaluna
Officers: Sialina, Illyaana, Moonspring

Or just join our discord server and say hello! discord.gg/NFxWaMd


Wonderful, if small, group of people here. I’m hoping with your help we can build this from the ground up and make it into an amazing community.

PS: I hope everyone is enjoying the patch so far! The new customization options are incredible.

Guild is already growing at a steady clip. Our first series of events will begin next week.

We’ve added several fantastic people to the roster and started hosting IC events, but there is always room for more! If you’re still thinking about it, please feel free to hop in the discord and say hello!

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Picking up steam! After a short introductory arc, we’ve begun our second campaign arc that plans to take us right into the thick of the scourge invasion once the next phase of prepatch begins!

A hella amazing guild! They have grown so much since they started, the leadership are nice, the people in it are nice, and the effort the Luna and Kira put into each event always blows me away
10/10 would recommend
Like seriously. Join us.

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A really great group of people. I know a lot of times you’ll join a guild and just get lost in the sea of faces - not so with OA. You get the same time and spotlight as everyone else. Everyone is talkative and just has genuine affection for each other.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to the chest, I would say give Oathsworn Aegis a try.

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What is the guild’s opinion on Vrykul? Been trying to find ways to get my character more involved in RP and this sounds like the perfect opportunity.

Non playable races will obviously be a case by case basis (sorry people who RP actual titans), but vrykul are totally vry-cool with us!

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We are going to temporarily close recruitment, so that we can have time to get to know our current players and their characters!

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Recruitment is open once more! Sorry for the brief stint of closed recruiting, we had so many people join at once that we felt the need to properly integrate them all both IC and OOC and make sure they got the special attention they deserved.

Super friendly and just generally really wholesome guild. 11/10 can recommend.

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By far the most welcoming and fun community I have ever been apart of!

The IC stuff is amazing, and the OOC friendships are even better. We’d love to have some new people around!

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I have never been drawn in to a guild’s heart so quickly, and I really want to help more people find the same experience. Come give us a try!

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Great people that made the game fun again for me

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We are still open for recruitment to those that wish to join our growing community! Come and join us as we venture into the Shadowlands together!