[A-RP] <Moonglaive Sentinels>

"I am never without my Sisters. And they will never be without me."

Vigilance, selflessness, bravery, fortitude, and discipline. Words every Sentinel lives by--or, if necessary--dies by.

We are our people's first and last line of defense. From ancient woods of Ashenvale, to the shadowed groves of Darkshore; from the towering mount of Hyjal, to the sullen crags of Stonetalon: We are ever watchful, and ever ready to combat any foe that would endanger Kalimdor or our people. To these enemies we offer no quarter, and expect none in return.

Are you ready to answer the clarion call? Are you ready to become a <Moonglaive Sentinel>?


<Moonglaive Sentinels> is an established and stable roleplay guild, founded over NINE years ago and still going strong today. As our name suggests, we are strongly militaristic in theme. Our aim is to accurately portray a regiment of Kaldorei soldiers within the Sentinel Army and also to promote Night Elf roleplay on Kalimdor (and beyond).

Our membership is friendly and supportive, and we're looking for more active roleplayers to join us!

We hold a regular Induction Ceremony for our new recruits every Saturday night, followed by drill and formation practice. Throughout the month we also schedule a wide variety of other RP events or activities such as combat missions, Sentinel training, story circles, historic site tours, religious ceremonies, and more. We also host immersive multi-event roleplay campaigns that can span several weeks.

What level must I be to join your guild? We have soft level requirement of level 20, so that you can ride your nightsaber mount during events. We also ask that you be reasonably active, and not simply looking for a place to park a soon-to-be-forgotten Night Elf alt. This does not mean you must be online every day! But we do encourage our members to participate: to attend guild events if they are online, regularly check our website, and to take initiative and be proactive with their own roleplay ideas.

What classes and races do you accept? We follow a strict traditional Sentinel theme in our roleplay, and currently only allow female night elves. All classes are welcome except for mages, demon hunters, and death knights.

But there are male Sentinels now! Aren't you breaking lore by not accepting them? Not at all. Sean Copeland, a.k.a., Loreology, a senior historian at Blizzard, confirmed that "some small groups might only have women.”

I enjoy roleplay, but also want to experience more of what World of Warcraft has to offer. So do we! Our members partake in many aspects of the game, from testing their might in PvP battlegrounds and dungeons, to less dangerous pursuits such as pet battles, collecting mounts, and running classic raids. One activity we do not organize is progression raiding. If that is something you fancy, then we are probably not for you.

Roleplaying a Sentinel sounds intimidating; there is so much Night Elf lore to know... While some familiarity with Night Elf lore is definitely encouraged, we are happy to assist those who might be new to this type of roleplay (or even roleplay in general). As long as you are willing to learn and improve, we will help with character-building, lore, and any other questions you might have.

Wait, weren't you known as <Sentinel> before?! We were indeed! Different name, same great guild. This was updated recently to reflect major changes within our guild's storyline.

Where can I find more information? Our website at https://sentinelwra.shivtr.com/ is a good place to start. There you will find our guild rules and policies, helpful links to guides for Night Elf lore and roleplay, along with an online application (which is required to join the guild). Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our guild officers in-game: Adellwyna (Guild Leader), Tiphaela, Sidhanei, Mirrale, Alesterra, Iyora, and Kamëqetë. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Let our enemies beware!
Our spiffy promotional video. Check it out!


Our (old) interview with Turwinkle!


Turwinkle visits our Induction Ceremony and Drill Practice!

Best guild I've ever been in! Been a part of this wonderful community for about...three years now, I believe, and I still absolutely love it and everyone in it. It's a great creative outlet for me and my writing; and as well has really helped me get over things like social anxiety and speaking in public (as much as it can, anyway).

If you love and adore Kaldorei, and especially the Sentinels, then this is the place to be!
I have been a member of <SentineI> for nearly four months now. They have made great efforts to provide an authentic military experience for the Night Elf community, and I am glad to associate myself with such friendly, helpful, and kind individuals.

Even though the upcoming events of BfA will displace us from Darnassus, I have no doubts that this guild will continue to thrive and act as a beacon of hope for the Kaldorei people. The Horde can destroy our tree, but they will never destroy our spirit! We WILL rebuild! Tor ilisar'thera'nal!
I have been here for what seems forever... lol. Though really it has only 4 years. Have to say this is the best guild I have ever joined and I am glad I found it all those years ago. Keep going strong <Sentinel>
This guild has done a lot for me in real life. It's like a little family I tell ya. <3

Tor ilisar'thera'nal!
I'm back after a very long (around six years) break, and Yonu has quickly become my new favorite and main too. I think she might be good fit!

I'll be in touch!
A good bunch!
Our Felwood storyline continues this Saturday!
Boost for nice ladies. Thinius is also taking commissions at the forges in Darnassus, and looking for apprentice smiths to carry on the Shadowfern techniques. Hit me up in game if any of the sentinels might be interested in a new weapon, armor or weapon repairs, or learning a new trade skill.
Always looking for more sentinel sisters!
Free Kimchi! Free Kimchi for all! :D

Also, small combat mission tomorrow at 5pm server!
Lots of great new members joining us recently!
These Sentinels are the best Sentinels. You should give them kimchi!
06/12/2018 10:33 AMPosted by Sylfdra
These Sentinels are the best Sentinels. You should give them kimchi!

Kimchi gives me really bad heartburn, though.
Looking for more Sentinel Sisters! :D
06/12/2018 04:15 PMPosted by Adellwyna
06/12/2018 10:33 AMPosted by Sylfdra
These Sentinels are the best Sentinels. You should give them kimchi!

Kimchi gives me really bad heartburn, though.

How about ramen? Those Panda's make some good ramen!
The Moon Guard approves of ye Sentinels. Devotion is obvious in every swing of your blade.

What do ye Sentinels think of the Moon Guard?
Join the Sentinels in celebrating the kaldorei festival of Jurina'tore tonight at 5 PM server! After a group prayer, we will have a Jurina'tore themed Moonball Tournament with the Hounds Team vs. the Stag Team! Please dress in yellows and golds and bring your Wolf Mask ( Moonfang Shroud ) or Stag antlers to show which team you're on/support! Open to the public for both participants and just spectators! Refreshments will be served! Will have prizes for both solo and team winners! If you have any questions, feel free to PM Iyora!
Sadly Veri can't join, but is it possible to join your website for the resources?

Veri was "Adopted" in a way during Vanilla by a Night Elf and I'm trying to learn more about Night Elven RP so I can incorporate some of it into how Veri acts.