[A-RP] <Moonglaive Sentinels> Eight years old!

(Iyora) #123

We earned our dark eyes recently, now its time to use them!

(Adellwyna) #124

Taking a little break from our battles in Darkshore this week; drill practice on Saturday!

(Bovira) #126

As always, we’re looking out for more Sentinel Sisters to join us in the fight! :slight_smile:

(Adellwyna) #127

We’re hosting our Lunar Festival Processional Walk this Saturday at 5pm server. Meeting in Astranaar. Guests are welcome!

(Adellwyna) #128

Update: Our Lunar Festival event will begin at 5:30 server instead.


I am thinking about applying to this guild. Would you accept someone who has just started there training as a sentinel or wants to start training?

(Adellwyna) #130

Most definitely. Many characters that join have no prior Sentinel/military experience.


Thank you for tonight’s awesome event again. The production quality was like nothing I had seen before.

Edit: Photo thread of the event: https://twitter.com/Selenius_M/status/1091963007872061440


Thank you all for the hard work and creativity you put into the Lunar Festival Elders event. I’ve never seen one like it and you all deserve a lot of praise for the execution!

(Whisperleaf) #133

Two thumbs up to an incredible guild! You all must be having a field day with this new Night Elf lore.


I’d like to join. However, I’ll surmise I’m not allowed as I am a mage. Pardon my ignorance but why don’t you accept mages?

(Adellwyna) #135

Night Elf mages were largely responsible for the War of the Ancients: the Great Sundering and the first invasion of the Burning Legion. Only very recently (especially when Kaldorei life-spans are considered) have the Shen’dralar been allowed back into Night Elf society. Not all Night Elves have forgotten or forgiven what the Highborne did!

(Åthinios) #136

This guild is approved by a Giant Rock Man!


So I’m guessing I can’t join due to my mage status? I’m looking for a military soldier like RP guild. I completely understand if I can’t just thought I’d try


Moonglaive Sentinels does not accept mages, though if you’re still looking for a way to fight the horde with your kaldorei bretheren,
both Silver Circle or Kalimdor Collective are good friends of ours and take magic pewpews!
Best of luck in the guild hunt! :slight_smile:

(Adellwyna) #139

Our Lor’danel Redeemed mini-storyline kicks off this Saturday!

(Adellwyna) #140

Continuing our Darkshore RP this Saturday!

(Xeqwena) #141

Lor’danel isn’t Lor’doomed. Not if you join us to help fight for it this saturday! :sunglasses:

(Xeqwena) #142

Continuing our Lor’Danel storyline this Saturday!

Looking for a place to show off that new Night off warfront armor? Have the unquenchable urge for battle? Do you just like purple? We’re recruiting! Apply today.~

(Bovira) #143

Always looking for more Sentinel Sisters! :slight_smile: