[A-RP] <Moonglaive Sentinels> Eight years old!

(Iyora) #43
07/18/2018 09:16 PMPosted by Nalassera
Well, now that the pre-patch is upon us, and I totally ground out all the Mage Tower artifacts on my druid during that last week and some change, I can probably sit down and actually learn enough of the Night Elf lore to take a crack at this lovely lookin' group of peeps. Out of so much lore that I can retain, I draw blanks on everything Nelf. That's what I get for converting back to Alliance from about a decade of Horde.

If you need any help, just hit one of us up in game! :)

07/19/2018 09:38 AMPosted by Solariae

Quoth the stormcrow: Nevermore!

(Bovira) #44
Terrain Tactics tonight hosted by Alesterra! :D

(Moonwhisper) #45
'Against the Storm' continues this Saturday!

(Solfurion) #46
I will be hosting a final full moon ritual tonight in Darnassus in the temple of the moon at 700 PM server time. While we still have it available to RP with.

(Nalassera) #47
I've been slacking on applying to this guild, but after the events of today... I am resolute in my desire to smash faces for Elune, in a very violent manner.

(Sylfdra) #48
I only got to hug a few <Sentinel> Elves :(

(Moonwhisper) #49
Making our last stand in Lor'danel this Saturday. :(

(Moonwhisper) #50
'Against the Storm' finale this Saturday!

(Käyn) #51
Sorry about your tree. I thought I put out that cigarette.

My bad.

(Miekketar) #52
Very intense combat last Saturday. Looking forward to the finale, although this character may be too injured to show up in person.

(Bovira) #53
It has certainly been a very emotional time for characters -but let it be known that the Sentinel Army is still looking for new Recruits! :D

(Sylfdra) #54

(Moonwhisper) #55
'Against the Storm' concludes tonight!

(Liodred) #56
Show the deviant filth the MIGHT of the Mother Moon!

(Moonwhisper) #57
We'd like our tree back, please.

(Bovira) #58
Kul Tiras has been a lovely adventure!

(Sylfdra) #59
08/17/2018 04:52 PMPosted by Adellwyna
We'd like our tree back, please.

I say we grow a new one, after flattening Orgrimmar.

Or use the one in Hyjal.

(Undeadpan) #60
Hey I heard properties in Teldrassil are... Just... Really terrible.

I'll just go home.


To New Agamand. -_-

(Sylfdra) #61
08/21/2018 01:36 AMPosted by Undeadpan
Hey I heard properties in Teldrassil are... Just... Really terrible.

I'll just go home.


To New Agamand. -_-

Have you considered going home to UC? Plague won't kill you!

(Bovira) #62
Looking for more Sentinel sisters to band together with us! :D