[A]<Roses of Sincerity> LF Raiders 8/8N T/TH/Sun 7:30-11p

Hello, Roses of Sincerity is Recruiting skilled raiders of all specs. Currently in need of a Main Tank, and strong DPS.

Raid times are 8-11p CST (Server) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Raiders are expect to be online between 7:30 7:45 so that pulls can be started at 8.

Requirements :
DBM/Big Wigs
Good Attendance
340 Ilvl

Please contact Tierna#1131 in Battlenet, or @Tierna via our guild discord (general channel) to discuss trial status(raiders), or for general guild membership(non raiding)
Guild Discord:

We do also have mythics groups going during off raiding nights for those who are interested in 5 man content.