<A> Rogue LF Guild

(I’m 120 now, still gearing) Rogue LF raiding guild, ally side. Looking for 2 nights a week, preferably, and I have availability 7-11 server. Still gearing. Came back to BFA after an extended absence, last time I raided was Tomb of Sargeras. Have a bit of mythic experience from Nighthold, 5 bosses playing brewmaster and mistweaver, but not much since.

Would like a guild that’s at least pushing mythics but minimum requirement is a guild that can clear heroic within patch cycle.

Edit: will also state I typically maintain high attendence, generally making every raid night except in emergency circumstances. I learn fights quickly. Working professional that needs a set raiding schedule with a team that, while they may like to joke around and have fun, can be serious when the pull timer counts down.

Hello there friend, I think we might be what you are looking for.

Priority Needs
WW Monk, Holy or Disc Priest or Resto Druid
Ret Paladin
Shadow Priest

Any exceptional Dps
MW Monk, Resto Druid

If interested contact on Battlenet:
Iliuvatar#1905 - GM
Crusadan#1192 - Officer
Apollymi#1215 - Officer
Dupe#11171 - Officer
Or PM me on Discord (Iliuvatar#8663)

Website -https://parable.world-
You can also apply here: parable.world/apply-to-join/

Who We Are
Parable is shifting focus from Heroic to Mythic raiding. We have had success in Mythic this expansion and are looking to add the final pieces to the puzzle. Our immediate goal is to have a team of 25 players who can play at a high level on a limited schedule. Most of us have played for years, but have full time jobs, families, or other commitments. We therefore look to do the most with our time. If you are looking for a fun group and a raid team that is extremely reliable, we are the guild for you. Prefer players 21+.


Team Mentality
We are a team first guild. We value team progression over individual accomplishments. We are in it together. Therefore trades are abundant, most players donate to the bank, we help each other to improve and we create an environment that allows players to grow and improve. We don’t have time for elitist mentalities.

We expect players to know their class. This means best in slot items, best azerite traits, ideal talents, etc. Players should know how to sim their toons/gear. Players should remain competitive with their HoA level and we encourage guildies to complete a +10 key each week. Players should make all raid nights barring emergencies, research all boss fights in advance, and show up gemmed, enchanted and in discord.

Mythic raiding is a commitment and it requires a strong group with good chemistry. It is important that our raiders can make at least 90% of the raids. We are hoping to build a strong bench to fill in in the case of absences. We will always understand if a change in work schedule or an emergency occurs. Outside of that, consistency is extremely important.

Players should perform at a competitive level. They should have the hang of raid fights within a few pulls and be able to adjust on the fly. Players should be aware of their utility and be able to utilize it. We generally hope players can pull a minimum of 80% of their sim. We do our best to help struggling players should they need it.

Other Perks
We have a very active Mythic plus crowd, with many running M10-15 each week.
We have a donation incentive system called Parable+
We have a website and a facebook page
We provide feasts, flasks and potions for our raiders
Our discord is active
We get to know our raiders and build a tight-knit community

I like what I see, and looks like you guys have lots online even outside the raid times!
I submitted an application. Any questions feel free to message me in-game