[A] <Rockstar> | 40-man Raiding | EST 8pm-12a Tue/Thu

is the premium non-hardcore Alliance guild on Grobbulus. We recruit high quality players and clear content very quickly for our type of guild. Our leadership strives to be transparent, fair, and effective at managing the guild.


  • 3rd fastest MC speed-clear on Grobb pre-BWL
  • Day 1 BWL clear
  • BWL+MC+Ony in 3.5 hours
  • Two MC’s weekly
  • Organic Day-1 Grobb guild

Recruitment Status

We are pushing to deepen our roster to be able to make 2 balanced BWL teams, comprising of guild veterans, alts, and new players. See the list below for in-demand classes. Exceptional players encouraged to reach out! Having a raiding-able alt is a plus.

High Demand

  • Tank Warr
  • Feral-OT Dru
  • Warlock
  • Mage
  • PI-SW Prst
  • Heal Prst

Medium Demand

  • Rogue
  • Fury Warr
  • Holy Pala
  • Resto Dru

Culture & what to Expect

Our members are laid back and have lives outside of the game, so when it comes to raiding it’s game time and we don’t waste time. Joining our roster gives you the unique opportunity to get in early on a long-term, consistent, and prepared team. Players are promoted and rewarded based on merit. Loot is awarded via council to benefit the guild as a whole. Our structure and organization is clear and transparent, so you know exactly what to expect as a member of the guild. The GM has several years of experience in top 5 world PvE guilds, and our core players have years of mythic raiding experience and are multi-gladiators.

Leadership Opportunities

Are you a natural leader with thick skin and a sense of humor? Gain trust within the guild over time and share your love of Classic WoW through one of our open officer or class lead positions.


Fill out our membership application form at: bit.ly/2q5xMuJ
Go to the discord and say hello, or in-game, start a conversation.
We’re interested in your interest in Rockstar!


do we have to min max or can we have a good time

We always have a good time :wink: , and lets be honest the pve content in classic doesn’t require min-maxxing most of the time, however we’re looking for people who are invested in learning their classes’ nuances and who will bring solid game-play, even to the spiciest of specs.

Good group of guys LETS GO!

amazing, hybrid shaman power activate then!

Great community, if you are interested in joining a guild with a strong foundation this is for you.

Great guild, great community!

Great guild with a bright future!

Hop in discord and talk to us anytime!

Best of Luck Rockstar!

Thanks, Ayashe!

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Landsoul, are you the guild leader?

Yes, he is.

Still looking for good people!

Rag down last week and Onyxia down tonight. Still need good people to fill out our first raid group!

We’re still growing and looking for more like-minded players!

Still filling the last few spots. If you are looking for an organized, drama free home this is the place!

Ten characters

Still a few spots, apply today!

Up to the top.