A Risen Devilsaur keeps Spawning when I fight

A Risen Devilsaur raptor keeps spawning almost every time I fight. It says it’s my guardian. The buff is Gurubashi Pride. I don’t have any trinkets or toys that give this buff. This happens on all my characters.

having the same problem.

starting to think it’s intentional.

just realized… yesterday was friday the 31th.

That’s the buff that procs off the Razzashi Tooth Medallion trinket.

I’ve had that trink on many characters. It doesn’t spawn any kind of NPC, companion or otherwise. What you’re seeing has nothing to do with the buff by that name.

Whereas this trinket

procs by spawning a Risen Ravasaur (not Devilsaur), a skeletal raptor. (A devisaur is a WoW T-Rex.)

not a glitch after all, then.