[A] Ring of Valor - 2/10 M - Alliance AoTC Server 1st

RoV’s Current Recruitment Needs:

• Melee: Open ( High )
• Range: Open ( High )
• Heals: Open ( High )
• Tanks: Open ( High )

2/10 M & 10/10 H Castle Nathria (Alliance AoTC Server 1st) - Starting Mythic CN Now!

Raid Times: Tue / Thur / Sun (6:45pm - 10pm PST)

We are a casual raid group currently looking for skilled players to raid on Tuesday / Thursday starting at 6:45 PST. Sometimes we raid on Sunday at 6:45 PST for either fun runs or if we are close to knocking down a new boss. We cover feast, flask and repairs! If you like to raid and can dodge a wrench, hit us up. If interested, please contact Deathbyi / Dommonk / Domwarlock / Ninja, Avatard, Büg, Discoknights, Arbaal or Xaya. Have fun storming the castle!