(A) Remnant of the Fallen

Remnant of the Fallen on Earthen Ring is now open again for new members!

While I want to keep the RP theme, the main goal of the guild is just to socialize and hang out. But if there’s interest any PvE or PvP activities would be most welcome. And of course RP activities!

I, personally, am usually a daytime player since I work from home, but you can often find me here and there all day long. If you have lots of other commitments, family or otherwise, and just want a friendly place to hop on when you can with no pressure, this might be the place for you!

Social connections have always helped me through all these years playing WoW and I would love to make some more! Even brand new players are very welcome, I am happy to help as I can! Old fuddy duddies wanna gripe away? Well…within reason… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any questions just ask! Here or find me in game!

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