[A] <Reloaded> [Tue/Thu] 10/10 N 8:30 Server

TL/DR: LFM for Castle Nathria and M+ LFM DPS. Contact Logtar#1704

We finished BFA 12/12 and plan to start working on Castle Nathria AOTC. Get to know your new raid team!

Raid times are 8:30 PM Server Time (Central US) - Tue/Thu

6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM EST

Reloaded is a casual guild that raids up to heroic content. We finished BFA AoTC and plan to continue raiding heroic. If you want to get up to speed with the game in a casual environment with a group of friends come check us out. We are also doing lots of M+. Our goal is not to be Mythic raiders, but to progress at a steady pace.

We have a group of capable players that like to play in a friendly low pressure atmosphere. Most of us are adults with full-time jobs, we value our play time and like to laugh. Our goal is to rescue the princess while the content is relevant, but people, real life and relationships mean more to us than loot. While we want you to be able to perform as a player, it is more important to us that you are a decent person.

We are currently accepting all roles, we want you to play the role that you love.

The values our guild adheres to are simple:

Respect “For each other, our server and the WoW community”

Integrity “We do what we say, and do what is right”

Openness “Zero drama, you have an issue discuss it and let it go”

Teamwork “We kill bosses as a team, but also wipe as a team”

If you like what you have read here and are ready to join or you have further questions, contact Logtar#1704 in game (toons: Gatoso - Logtar - Glock) Whisperwind.

The greatest compliment in WoW is, “I love playing with people with that guild tag!” Thank you for reading.

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Reloaded is an excellent guild. Friendly, welcoming, and respectful people. Over the years, I’ve been in several wow guilds and this one is top notch. Reloaded has the right balance of casual, progression, leveling, and guild activities to be a good fit for anyone interested in fostering and maintaining friendships while enjoying playing wow. All guilds have members come and go. I’ve experienced no drama in Reloaded. The discord server is also very well organized. Being in a good guild becomes even more important when the “newness” of each expansion wears off and you’re still playing because you’ve formed personal relationships with people you like to have fun with. We’re always open to help each other and try different things in wow. Collecting mounts, pets, achievements, and toys are also activities we enjoy. Come and see it for yourself. If you like it, stay. If you don’t, no drama.

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Looking for a priest or paladin healer to start heroic progression!