(A) Reign - LF DPS

Newly formed guild alliance is recruiting a DPS(with a bres) and a DPS with a competent healing offspec for certain fights.

Newly formed and just started in castle nathria this week, we are 6/10N with significant progress on Blood Council. We are a tight knit group that focuses on the encounters while having fun, we love shenanigans such as targeting people in raid with swapblaster etc. If you want a group that wants to utilize its raid hours to clear content, party with cool people in PVP and Mythic+ and not sweat all the small stuff.

We are an 18+ guild from all walks of life so we expect adult content, but obviously no jerks and no prejudice allowed.

Our end goal this tier is to slowly fill up the roster with good people, get AOTC, and lean into some of our Mythic raiders experience to if wanted dip into mythic in a tier or two.

Raid times right now at Fri 830-1130 Est and Sun 830-1030 (Subject to change)

For any questions and an interview contact me.

If you are unwilling to improve/acknowledge mistakes, no need to apply.