(A) < Redemption > Recruiting for AQ 40 <9/9>

Redemption is currently looking for active raiders for our Tues/Thurs and Sat/Sun group 7:30PM - 10:30PM (2 raid teams) for AQ40. Just need a few more raiders on the team due to people becoming busy with work again.

Right now we are looking for dps and healers to round out our roster

How we do our Loot
ZG/AQ20 - Need before Greed
BWL/MC - Loot Council
AQ 40 - DKP (with decay) ~ This allows for new members to actually have chance at getting pieces from our progression raids.

New 60s are most welcome to join as well but we will be requiring you to put in some elbow grease to get Pre-BiS from dungeons and craftable items, attunements, and attend as many ZG/AQ 20 as possible to help catch you up.

Though we are not a hardcore progression guild, we pride ourselves on clearing current content and eventually getting the content on farm and speed clearing within reasonable times.

People to contact for further questions:

**Rakzhasa, Rag , Berrysammich, Jonsnowden, Calgar, Revheatwing

If you can’t find us, just ask for an officer!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello I was wondering if you guys are recruiting fury/prot or deep prot warriors I’m in t2 and run bwl/mc/ony/aq 20 never stepped foot in aq 40 I also have a geared priest but I would love to join the team :slight_smile: let me know my discord is Meekone#9062

Bumping this post! ~ If you’re off server and are interested please send me a tell and Ill try to field any questions you have!

Bump! we got Viscidus down on Sunday!

Got discord?
60 druid resto (healing touch moonglow build)