[A] <Redacted> 2-Day (CE CN) 10/10M LF Raiders

Guild Name: Redacted
Realm: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance
Current Progression: 10/10M

We are currently on the lookout for ranged (boomkin/mage), a Mistweaver Monk (OS WW) and any/all exceptional players.

Raid Times:
Friday - 8:00PM - 11:30PM (all times EST)
Saturday - 8:00PM - 11:30PM (all times EST)
Optional Wednesday Heroic (Sales run) - 9:00PM (all times EST)

What can we offer you?

  1. Cutting Edge progression on a two day raiding schedule
  2. A great environment where all members feel like family.
  3. Effective and meaningful pulls/content
  4. Multiple Mythic+ groups that run at all times of the night
  5. We do not require alts, but they’re appreciated if well maintained
  6. We also understand Real Life comes first

Loot: We use RCLCouncil and anything that can be traded (and is not an immediate upgrade to you) will be considered guild loot for the team.

Previous Tiers: Castle Nathira 10/10M (Cutting Edge) Ny’alotha 10/12M

If you would like to reach out to one of our officers to join our team please add:
Elienore: Decoy#12466 (BTAG) Elienore#0001 (discord)
Kymiro: Kymer#9899 (discord)
Kampfgeist: Kampfgeist#11178 (BTAG) Kampfgeist#3837(discord)

Apply here: https://forms.gle/9DFnX7XsyN6n3yMy9/

Check us out here: www.redacted.team

We are still interested in DPS!

Preference: Boomkin, Warlock, Mage, SPriest

We will always consider exceptional players.

Still looking for ranged DPS. Drop a line if you wanna talk.

Painsmith and Guardian ded. Come prog Fatescribe with us.

We’re still interested in DPS. Please apply or drop an add to the BTAG’s above

Still on the lookout for DPS!

Fatescribe dead, onto KT. Drop an app or add a BTAG to join up

Kel’thuzad has been toppled. Come prog Sylv with us.

We’re on Sylvanas prog, drop an app and come hang out with us

Drop an app if you wanna reclear with us. We could use a few good people

On the lookout for a couple dps spots and a healer.

Looking for a few exceptional dps players that have raided this tier, also a non paladin healer. Thanks!

We have several roster spots up for grabs. Drop an app or DM to discuss. Prefer 7/10 exp.

We do not need a tank