[A] Reborn and [H] Calamitous Intent of Dalaran 11/11 H are recruiting M DPS and Flexers!

An’u belore delen’na

Joined this guild a couple months ago and haven’t regretted it. Great group of people looking to do all types of content. If you’re looking for a home and looking work for AOTC then this guild is a great choice. Horde side is active, and the community function lets us chat with our Alliance guild… pretty dope.

Upward! Need some deeps and hybrids to round my roster out for AOTC. Would also kill for an enhance shaman.

Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to… [angry grunt] just give me some freakin’ hybrid DPS recruits before I kill somebody!

We just spent the weekend running M+, what has your guild done with you on an off night lately?

Did you know we’re still recruiting? Looking for more for Rygelon and Jailer prog.

Super bump!

10/11 down. jailer prog is a go! come join in

Need some more dps to kill the worst expansion villain in the game’s history. More melee would be dope.

Crisp high-fives are available to anyone playing Pandaren.

Crisp high fives are also available to anyone not playing pandaren.

Working on Jailer and AOTC is in sight… don’t miss out on an opportunity to raid with a great group of people.

Still looking for some more folks to flesh this roster out!

Progging on Jailer this week hoping to get to that mythic sized roster for S4.

Close to AoTC done! Looking for some more to push our raid size up to mythic!

What are current class/roll want/needs?

Enhancement Shamans and Mages are desperately desired. But we’ll definitely take a look into any exceptional players.

Also since I can’t post again AoTC done!

Come join us - we just got AOTC and we’re still kicking it clear into season 4 and onward!

All I have to say is Coffee and Calamitous Intent.

Covfefe Intent

Bumping, need more bodies to shove into the flames!