[A] Realm First Nameless Recruiting for ToGC 25 Man 50/50 Clears

Nameless formed to be competitive during Wrath Classic. We are a 25-man guild, the majority of the guild has played together over the past three years on wrath private servers and is expecting quick progression and speed kills.

Nameless uses RC Loot Council as its primary form of loot distribution. Those in charge of the council are familiar with what classes need which item(s).

Raid Times
Additional days may be added during Heroic Progression. Raiders are expected to be online 15 minutes prior to raid times as we will be pulling at raid start times.

Tuesday 9:00 PM Eastern
Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern

Recruitment Needs
Currently recruiting all exceptional players with an emphasis on casters and healers.

Check out our discord for more information / application

Feel free to reach out to Prax4011 or zivalis via Discord with any questions.