A real GDKP solution

Gonna be a pass from me, I don’t join +1s and it just sounds like more work to me. The items drop people see what the items are, and they roll on the items. Easy. No hauling items around, no having to remember every single item that dropped in the raid to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. No sitting around at the end of the raid waiting for everybody to roll, etc etc


This is an age-old problem. GDKPs really didn’t do much to fix it.

There are no reasonable ideas other than the show is over, it was fun while it lasted. Any system that uses a value based ITEM in game to buy loot is considered “At your own risk”. Dont worry though, people will find out, they always do.

Lol it’s literally the exact same amount of work. You link the items and people roll. But you do you boo

Well they shifted the barrier of entry (for end game raids) from being in a good guild to being a good player with adequate gear and/or having enough gold to bid on items. It is of course debatable to what extent this opened the doors for people but none the less it did aid in granting people access.

At the end of the day, my concern is that I was in a guild pushing speed run records in classic and tbc and as fun as it was, I would like to be able to play more casually and still enjoy endgame raids which without GDKP access I don’t see happening and I may need to just go hard again and get into a top guild.

They did specifically say

So you are not quite correct, they can of course expand on their stance to fit what you describe. My main issue here is that GDKP did give more players access to end game content so I think it is worth discussion.

Bless your heart.

No, it didn’t.

I mean, I would like to hear what you have to say if you do have any thoughts…
I have put out effort to respond to you despite the minimal effort or explanation put out on your end. I understand if you just don’t have strong opinions or don’t actually care though.

No, you called me a troll who doesn’t understand your amazing new idea.

Looking forward to your “so, I got banned for TokenDKP” thread.

Are you willing to risk account closure for your understanding of their words?

That’s a good way to out it.

I hear ya. I don’t raid at all because I can’t afford the commitment it would take. Retail really does respect a casual player’s time better than Classic.

Can you support that claim? Because I was in a speed running guild during classic and tbc. We would run a guild GDKP and invite people who were guildless, under geared or did not understand were able to join so long as they had the gold to bid. This funded the guilds consumes.

During WOTLK the guild broke up and I myself would join GDKPs in order to raid as I did not want to join another guild and wanted to play casually.


Everyone has access to the raids.

Out of curiosity, If people have crap gear, dont understand mechanics, and stay guildless, where exactly do you think they get their gold from?

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Your responses do look like you are trolling and you are not elaborating on anything. You won’t be seeing such a tread, I don’t plan to organize such a group. I’m trying to play casually.

In any case, sorry if you’re offended but you are not providing any real conversation and your claim that GDKP does not provide access to endgame raiding is simply an uninformed lie so… unless you can support your claims I don’t have much reason to continue responding to you. Best of luck.

They aren’t and I was paying you the compliment of thinking you were able to follow the conversation.


Nice apology.

Bless your heart.

When I first started playing in 04 and I was a trash player in a bellow average guild I made most of my gold farming SM chapel. I probably made 3k-5k over all spamming that to pay for my lion heart helm, stronghold gauntlets and titanic legplates alone.

There are lots of ways to make gold regardless of how bad a player may be outside of RMT.

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If a player is bad it’s often times because they don’t know a lot about the game, or don’t want to put in the effort to get better. These players usually don’t have the discipline or knowledge to farm something for gold. If you are inviting players that don’t know how to do mechanics and or have terrible gear, but they have gold to buy it, the chances of them having bought gold are greater than that of them not having done so.