[A] <RaidersofChaos> is Recruiting

Hellos & Greetings, Ladies & Gentlemen.

We’re a New Guild on the rise, rather you’re a veteran coming back, or a new player in the meat grinder. We welcome all.

Right now, we’re a leveling/social/casual guild due to the fact none of us are yet to be maxed 60s. Until then, we’re a leveling/social/casual guild until more hit 60. Goal is to Dungeon & Raid for those who come and are interested.

I am on a mission to expand our Guild seeking players that are willing to join.

What we hope to get:

  • More players to join parties to quest
  • More roles (No Tanks for Dungeons)
  • More active members

What you would expect:

  • Everyone is helpful
  • You need an item(s)/mat(s)/pattern(s), sharing is caring
  • You have those “Stupid Questions”, we may have stupid answers

What we have:

  • Guild Bank
  • Discord Server - DM Fuzzy420#6340 for invite

Come and join us if you’re interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I know you posted this a few months ago, but I just picked up the game again and I would really like to make some new friends to run with. I may have a few stupid answers to share about Classic, as I spent many, many hours there years ago. I’m only a level 6 mage right now, but I’m working my way up. She is Starrstorm. I hope to hear back from you. I’ll have to get my discord set up now! Thanks.

This Guild is basically dead at this point.