[A] | PvE | Warrior Tank LF A Raiding Guild For Sunwell/WotLK

Hello! I’m looking for a PvE raiding guild for TBC Classic and WoTLK, I’m currently on Pagle - Alliance side. I have been playing WoW since 2004, and continued playing until Cataclysm came out. I have 70 Prot Human Warrior that I experienced all of TBC with thus this far. I have cleared all TBC content up to Sunwell back in the days, and even played on a private server just recently on Netherwing just to regain my TBC experience from back in the days. I use to raid raid lead back in the day as a MT. I’m looking for a MT/OT position, I can make any day in the week and Sunday after 5:30 PM PST. Looking to raid 2-3 days only, not looking for anything more or to go hardcore. I’m open to raid lead or open to an officer position as a Warrior Prot Tank (Class Leader or Raid Leader). Pretty much looking for a chill laid back guild who gets the job done. Also open to new guilds forming or rerolling to a new server. Please let me know if you a immediate tank spot open, or wish to know more. I’m looking to transfer with the right guild. Please hit me up in discord for more information, or you have a immediate opening for a Prot Warrior - MT/OT with full TBC experience and knows his roll as a Tank. Hit me up in discord for a faster response.

Current Progression: Kara: 11/11 Gruul: 2/2 Mag: 1/1 SSC: 6/6 TK: 4/4 Hyjal: 5/5 BT: 9/9 ZA: 6/6 Sunwell: 1/6

Discord: Tankzalot#6378