[A] <Purveyors of Darkness> 7/10H SoD LFM

Newly formed laid back guild looking for more like minded players. We achieve AOTC every tier and have a fun time doing it.

Currently 7/10H (10/10N)

We raid 1 night a week, Sundays from 6PM-9PM Server (Central) and Mythic+ on Friday and sometimes Saturday evenings.

Not looking for any elitists.

|deathknight (dd)|high|
|demon hunter (dd)|high|
|druid (balance)|low|
|druid (feral-dd)|low|
|hunter (beastmastery)|low|
|hunter (marksmanship)|low|
|mage (arcane)|medium|
|mage (fire)|medium|
|mage (frost)|medium|
|monk (dd)|high|
|paladin (retribution)|low|
|priest (dd)|low|
|rogue (assassination)|high|
|rogue (outlaw)|high|
|rogue (subtlety)|high|
|shaman (elemental)|high|
|shaman (enhancement)|high|
|warlock (affliction)|high|
|warlock (demonology)|high|
|warlock (destruction)|high|
|warrior (dd)|low|

Feel free to message Holyfanz(ig)/DecoyTank(ig)/Warhamster#11943(bnet), Slepybaer(ig), Kaillaa(ig), Coopdaloop(ig), Petrichor(ig), Spacewalrus(ig) or Seren(ig) if you have any questions.