[A] Pulse Raiding (9/12 H) - Recruiting 1 Healer - Tu/Th 830-1030p CST

Our guild is recruiting for one healer for our heroic raid progression. We are currently 9/12.

Recruiting Needs - Updated February 28 2020

  • Healer - Shaman, Monk, or Disc Priest.

Current Progression

  • Ny’alotha - H 9/12, N 11/12
  • EP - H 8/8, N 8/8
  • CoS - H 2/2, N 2/2
  • BoD - H 9/9, N 9/9
  • Uldir - H 8/8, N 8/8

Pulse is a guild with a balanced make up of people that have been playing together since BC and new friends we’ve added over the years. The guild moved to Whisperwind during Cataclysm and raided through most of Cata, some of MoP, and all content in Warlords and Legion. We always make sure to clear content and receive the AotC achievements within the time given all while maintaining a relaxed and mostly casual atmosphere.

We do pride ourselves on having relatively little turnover in our membership, but real life does cause a few to take care of more important matters from time to time. We make sure to bring in the right people for our guild, but also making sure it is the right fit for them.

The type of person we look for are those that are respectful, can take a joke, and enjoy playing the game. If you are looking for a hard core (mythic) environment, this isn’t going to be for you. We’ve done our time doing hard core raiding and enjoy avoiding that type of environment. There is zero tolerance to add people that are abusive towards others or feel the need to rage and yell at others. With that said, this doesn’t mean we are a G-rated or even PG-rated guild, there are plenty of mature jokes and conversations that would make sailors blush. We just want everyone to honestly respect each other and get along with plenty of joking and craziness to keep us sane.

We maintain an extremely diverse group of individuals from different cultures, lifestyles, interests, and so on, including being LGBT friendly. If you are easily offended by diversity - move on. We are a safe place where people don’t have to hide who they are or be afraid of slurs being slung at them. We are here to play a game, have fun doing it, and make new friends. Many of us have become friends over the last decade of playing together which has also led to an annual meetup outside of game.

So what can you expect? I’ll make it pretty clear…

  • Raids are Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 PM to 10:30PM CST and are focused on Heroic content only (if you want Mythic, we aren’t your guild). Invites go out 10-15 minutes early.
  • Loot people don’t need is given up for free roll, with main specs getting priority.
  • Everyone is expected to know their class and have a general idea of boss encounters but it is normally a pull and learn (and adjust) environment.
  • Everyone will be expected to come prepared, but we do provide flasks and feasts.
  • Raid environment will be casual and light, but staying focused on progression content and able to take feedback is expected. Farm content we do let things get much looser as long as we get the tasks done.
  • If you commit to raiding, you’ll be expected to show up. If life happens, just let someone know and deal with what is more important. We have an attendance channel on our Discord to make a quick post.
  • At the end of tiers, we do ease back on raiding and will start giving evenings back to our members to do as they wish or start opening them up to alt runs or achievement runs in old content.
  • Voice chat is through Discord.

It’s not really complicated who we are looking for. Also be sure you have the right expectations in who we are. If you have questions or think our guild might be the right fit, message me at Flayre#1403 and we can discuss things.

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Still looking for DPS, Healers, and 1 tank as we head into Battle of Dazar’alor

Sending a friend request to Flayre. Hope to talk to you tomorrow if you’re around.

Sounds like a good group.

Availability for a healer. :slight_smile:

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Still looking for DPS and Healers.

Updated needs and progression. Looking for a DK to come DPS and pull stuff around. :slight_smile:

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Still looking for a couple DPS (DK high priority) and healer (with DPS OS).

what sort of death knight you need?.
I could be 120 in a week…
recent resub. cleared Naxx40. farmed MH BT in TBC. cleared NAXX25. did some of the WOTLK dragons and the guild fell apart.

Updated our recruiting needs after looking at the first week of raiding in EP. We are open to have a few more folks into the raid as we have the room. Please reach out if you are interested on Bnet. We are going to be starting heroic progression this week after seeing the fights on normal last week (though we will probably do normal on Tuesday one more time). We will need raiders that will have gear at an appropriate level to jump in, so at this point you’ll need to be higher than ilvl 395 to get started. This should be pretty attainable through the gear catchups currently available.

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Updated! Couple spots available on the raid team, otherwise doors open for those looking for a new home. :slight_smile:

All our healers/raid leaders keep having kids. You know what that mean if you apply with us, hit us up

Very much interested. Will reach out to your guild leadership.