[A] Public RP Campaign - "The Spider's Web"

Great power often implies jealousy. Hatred. A terrible greed can be born as easily as a fresh blade of grass after a storm. It is from this darkness in men’s hearts that men are driven to despicable acts. With the world making its recovery amidst great and terrible tragedies, those that have benefited most from the turmoil cling tightly to that power, resorting to unspeakable methods to keep their power and control intact.

Hello my fellow Buccaneers! I am pleased to announce that a new server campaign is on the horizon! With “Wrath of the Lich King” coming at the end of this year, I hope to use this campaign to help lead us up towards it. Next month, “The Spider’s Web” will kick off its first event! But what is The Spider’s Web you might ask?

“The Spider’s Web” is a dark-themed series of RP events centered around the Stormwind House of Nobles, and the lengths some of its members will go to keep the power they have possessed whilst under the leadership or influence of the Lady Prestor. The rise of Adventurers, the fall of Lady Prestor, and the return of King Varian as the powerful and stalwart king he was; these events have sparked change amidst the common folk, and the House of Nobles is beginning to lose some of its power as the people place their faith in these brave, returning heroes, rather than in their regional leaders.

The campaign will be over the course of 3 phases:

Phase 1) The introductory phase. Here, interested parties shall get involved via finely-tuned events geared specifically to each individual or group, to give each participant a greater voice and personal stake in the campaign.

Phase 2) This is the main front of the event series, consisting of roughly 5 events in total. Things will rapidly pick up the pace during this phase, with each event playing host to new mechanics to keep things fresh and interesting.

Phase 3) The final confrontation, taking place just days after the end of Phase 2. This one will be the most “open” to the public, allowing for greater group numbers, and an easy drop-in, drop-out system as it occurs in the heartland of the Alliance: Stormwind City.

This series will end approximately late July to August, 2022.

Below I shall attach a link to the google doc that holds all the necessary information. (And may I say, it is much better looking than what I can post here on the forums).

In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact me via Discord at:


Or even, you may join the discord I have set up as an ease-of-access for the campaign!

Google Doc link:



Do check this out! Beredric has put together an intriguing event, made all the more appealing with the plans laid in the linked Doc.

Looking forward to it!


Giving a bump as the event is on going! <3

I assume since it says that it ends in late July/August that this is over?

With Wrath pre patch around the corner, hes put it on hiatus so people can enjoy the leveling boost and upcoming content with plans to pick it back up in a couple months. ^.^