[A] Psychøsis LFM for 8.2 Raiding Currently BoDA 9/9H (AOTC) Tues, Wed 5:30 - 8pm PT

[A] <Psychøsis> is now recruiting for 8.2 Raids.

Come hang out with us in a fun friendly no stress environment. We have a 15man raid team and are looking to expand. We all are pretty casual raiders with Mythic experience. We are done with the hard core raid environment and want something fun and rewarding. We are accepting raiders and casuals. We are currently accepting cross server raiders and non-guild raiders! We have a fun friendly helpful adult WoW environment for everyone to enjoy.

Raid time Every Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30 - 8pm PT. (server)
On Saturdays and Sundays we run Mythic+ Keys.

Current progression 8/9 Normal 9/9 Heroic BoD. (AOTC)

Tanks: No tanks right now, unless you can dps most of the time.

Healers: 1-2 healers

Melee: 3-4
Death Knight

Ranged: 3-4
Other classes will be considered.

Hit up anyone in guild for an invite.

Contact me or Pixiè for additional questions:
Cobaltis - Shablam#1220
Pixiè - SmexieLexie#1915


If i remember correctly, I was with you before we disbanded. I would like to join. Are you recruiting still?

Updated classes needed.

Bump. Needs More peeps.

Bumps for more views

5/9 now. Almost got King Rastakhan down. Need more peeps.

6/9. Great raid team looking for more quality people.

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Working on Mekka T. Heroic. Need more peeps.

Bump + updated progress and needs.

looks like you guys still taking names and kicking booty

Yo guys, resto druid just coming back to play with a pally tank friend. We’re still getting geared up and getting ready to raid, but with a little effort we’ll be ready shortly. I’d love to chat whenever someone is available

Updated for AOTC and soon to be 8.2