[A]Proudmoore<Mystic Raiders> Tues/Wed 7-10pm PST

We are a guild that likes to kill bosses and get !@#$ done while still trying to maintain the ability to have fun.

[About Us]

Mystic Raiders is looking for eager raiders to progress through Heroic and Mythic Dazar’Alor! We are looking to round out our core raid group and progress through raiding content and mythic plus.
We are a very social guild. Many of our members can often be found on Discord. We are looking for like-minded members who are online more than just the 2 raid nights.

[Progression and Experience]

Currently: 4/9H Dazar’Alor
Our officers are experienced raiders from previous expansions looking to help new, current, and returning players.

[Raid Times and Days]

We have 2 scheduled raids a week.
Tuesdays: 7:00pm-10:00pm PST
Wednesdays: 7:00pm-10:00pm PST
There will be additional optional raids depending on availability.


High Priority
One healer, prefer Resto Druid.
Non hunter ranged dps

All players are welcome to apply, we are always looking for active and social players.


We push Mythic Keystones every week, and encourage all members to at least complete the weekly +10. We currently have an optional Thursday off night to help gear up some of the more social members, and to get titan-forged pieces for our raiders.


During raids and high Mythic+, having consumables is expected. The guild bank will help provide food, gems, and enchants. We also appreciate any donations.

Know your class. We log all fights, and spend time analyzing them for ways to improve all aspects of our play.
Activity and respect is highly valued. We know real life is important and things come up, but consistent attendance is expected.

You can contact Dârkness#1139 (Raid Leader), or Nightwinds#1991(GM) for more information.