[A] <Proudmoore> LGBTQ Sat 6/7 ST

Updated 8/9

Proudmoore is a ~glittercore~ guild looking for new members who wish to raid in a laid back environment (or just hang out). If you’re looking for efficiency, seriousness, and super sweaty parses, we are not the guild for you. We kill and we don’t even log (heathens, the lot of us).

If you are looking for a welcoming environment, plenty of bad puns, a sense of community, and a group with which to still kill big things and get shiny loot, then Proudmoore may be a good fit.

All classes and specs are welcome, but our raid healing spots are currently full (healing os welcome!). If you have the urge to dps, and maybe even tank, we have rotating spots available for all sorts. We currently run 1-2 10 person teams through current content, and are open to 25s should we have enough people.

Social members are welcome too! We’re an LGBTQ and ND friendly guild, but welcome and love our allies.

If you want to join and are unsure about raiding or can’t commit to a schedule, that’s fine too. We are a no pressure environment.

If you’re new or coming back after a long hiatus, our raid leaders/cat herders are super friendly and helpful. They have (nearly) infinite patience; believe me, I’ve tested it. They can help anyone feel comfortable when learning fights.

Reach out to Bennerick/Veiled#4090/bennyloops on Disc or Wootloops,Clairvoyance, Mabeesh,Fery, Jessticulate, or Goodjanet in game if interested

updated 8/9

Glittercore, this is awesome.