[A] <Proudmoore> LGBTQ Sat 6/7-10/11pm ST

is a -glittercore- social/raiding guild. We could definitely use more DPS and some OS, or even MS, healers for 25s, but will welcome any friendly players. We are open to new players and players who are returning to the game from OG Wotlk.

While we are primarily a LGBTQIA+ guild, we welcome friendly allies as well. We are not a mega guild focused on numbers, so you won’t get lost in a sea of faces, nor are we so small that groups are impossible.

If you want to clear all phases quickly and seriously, we are not the guild for you.

If you are laid back, enjoy a relaxed, and somewhat nonsensical atmosphere, we have that… in abundance. We kill the big things and leave the egos at the door.

Social members welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on disc or in game.

We are still always looking for new friends to join us for 10 or 25 man content.

All specs and roles are welcome. We welcome new players, ND players, social members, and those who want to learn and experience fights without stress.

Feel free to contact me on discord or in game on this character or Goodjanet.