[A]Proudmoore - Frost DK LF Sun/Mon Guild

I’m currently a frost death knight playing Alliance on Proudmoore server. I just got back into retail and am looking to get back into raiding.

I am currently looking for either a sunday or monday or tuesday(any combination of those days) raiding guild that I can join and become friends with. I am looking for a guild that raids in the evening time, that starts at either 8p or 9p(server time) and goes on for a few hours.

I am hoping for a guild that has either normal/heroic EP on farm so that I can learn the fights and get to know the guild.

I don’t have much raiding experience in this current patch since I mostly just do mythic+ and haven’t played since Uldir.

Could anyone help me by giving me a home? Either msg me in game on “Droppinloadz” or just say something on this post, thanks!