[A] Proudmoore 9/9 H 4/9M BoD Mistakes Were Made recruiting for late night raid

Mistakes Were Made is a late night raiding guild made up of mature (ok, no not really) adults too busy to raid at reasonable hours of the day. We are semi-casual meaning we realize this is just a game; our goal is to have fun, while also pushing content. Being respectful of others yet comfortable with witty banter and having an adult sense of humor is important (i.e. light jeers, obscene humor, mixed in with dad jokes).

Although some of our raiders have had to change their schedule, we are still dedicated to push as far as we could in Battle for Azeroth.

Raid Schedule: - Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday - 10:00PM to 12:30AM PST

Other Content: - Normal and Heroic alt fun runs (schedule TBD) - Regular Mythic+ progress runs

Progression: We are a progression-oriented guild seeking to improve our performance in every tier. We went from an AOTC only guild to 6/11 Mythic during the course of Legion, and currently are 3/8M in Uldir. We’re hoping to progress even further.

Recruiting Needs: - We are trying to widen our group of core raiders, we are looking to add a ranged dps, 2 healers, and a backup tank to our ranks. Of course, any other classes are welcome and we are always looking for more social members.

Expectations: - Attend raid reliably - Learn from your mistakes and avoid stupid deaths - Know your class, and achieve appropriate numbers (we expect a green or better ilvl parse) - Don’t be a jerk. Always try to get a mage named Garath killed (or his alts).

Contacts: - Recruitment Officer (Katryona): bnet NoSoulStones #1778 or discord Kickedpuppy#2561

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Always up for more people people trying to kill Garath!

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Please don’t kill me. Mage lives matter too.

We need more fodder…I mean minion…no…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh yeah, raiders!

Still looking for more!

Hey guys what are u still lookin for ? currently have a 385 blood dk Lookin for a new raid guild that fit’s my work schedule. Btag. KROM#11173

Hi Blackleaper, we are currently looking for hunters and dps with healer offspec for our core raid spots. But we are always looking for more casual members.

Come help us kill things. Will consider all who can pull their weight and reliably make the raid. But definitely need more hunters and a boomkin or two. Maybe a resto druid.