[A] <Prosperitas> is looking for socials and raiders to join the family

Prospritas is a casual raiding guild that has been around since 2007. We are a close knit group of people that enjoy raiding, mythics, mount runs, pet runs, achievements, and leveling (some even like PVP). We’re looking for people that are new to the game, old members coming back, and people that want to successfully raid but not make it your primary focus. We are led by Mythic Raid Leaders so completing the normal raids are never a problem. We completed Castle Nathria without much complication, and have already started on Sanctum. We have completed normal Sanctum and are 2/10 into Heroic. Currently doing the Skip->Heroic on raid nights.

We have a good core raid group, but more people focused on gearing and succeeding are always welcome! We’re looking for people that like to log on a few times a week and have some fun, progress towards KSM, or just want to be social and shoot the breeze. We progressed into Heroic last raid with those guild members that wanted to keep going, and we most likely will this raid as well.

If you’re looking for a fun no pressure guild, give us a try! We’ve bene here for 14 years, and will continue to be here for the future.

You can reach me ingame or on bnet @ Bloodstryder#1583


We’re coming up short on DPS for Sanctum if you can believe that. Tanks and healers are doing well atm. If you’re DPS and want a home, give us a try!

We’re up to 5/10 on SoD only raiding 2 hours a week, so come join us for some mythics, questing, and successful raiding!

I am interested, but I do not see your raid times/days listed.

You’re right! Sorry about that. We raid Saturday nights starting at 7 server (pst) and we have upped ourselves to 3+ hours that night. We are now 7/10 SoD and hope to progress more now that we’ve added some time to our raid.

Hey Bulzye, I was wondering if you still are looking for guildmates?

I am currently looking for a new home basically as IRL friend lives have been busy.

I can definitely switch servers/faction, personally enjoy pvp over pve, but I am not oppose to learning raids or pushing keys. Achievement farming (glory of etc) is something I am up for as well.

We are always looking for more guildmates! We don’t have a large pvp group but we will help where we can! As far as achievement farming, we got you covered on that! Just give me a shout on Bnet or I can throw a discord invite your way! Bloodstryder#1583

We’re up to 8/10 after last week, progressing well. Come join us.

We are now 10/10N SoD and will be working on getting everyone full Domination gear and heading into heroic. If you’d like to journey with us, give me a shout!

Hello my friends and I are looking for a new home. We are a hunter, rogue and shaman. we are very casual. We are looking for people to run lower mythic+ runs and all around fun. we are all former raiders. Our current guild is inactive for the most part. My battlenet is Sophialafae#1664. Let me know if you are still looking for people. :smiley:

I’m sorry I just saw this, I was working LONG days. I added your btag!

We are slowing gathering more wonderful social raiders. Come join us for some fun!

We are looking for a healer and a dps/healer offspec that can help us progress in heroic. If we sound like a fit, give us a shout!

We are in need of a good tank or two (even dps with tank ospec) that wants to progress further into H SOD. If this sounds like you, give me a shout!

Sent a bnet friend req, looks like Prosperitas would be a good home for a returning player. :wink:

Still looking for some tanks and otanks looking for raiding and mythics runs during the week.