[A] Prosapia 6/8 recruiting for BfA

Prosapia is looking for players to join our team!

Prosapia is a heroic raid guild that clears all heroic content while it is current. We are a group of older players (25-45) who have been playing together for 10+ years, and play mostly on the weekend. Our raids are Sunday 6-9pm and Monday 6:30-9pm PST.

We are looking for players who are working adults with jobs and lives but who still enjoy slaying internet dragons on the weekend, or mythic raiders who are tired of pugs and would like a consistent, fun group to gear up an alt. Prosapia is a task-oriented group. We log on to do dungeons and raids, and maybe an hour or two in the evenings to knock out some world quests. If you are someone who is on all day, every day and needs constant attention, we’re not the guild for you.

While WoW may be moving away from “bring the player, not the class” we think who you are is more important than what you play. We are looking for players, who play when we do and will mesh well with our group. That being said, we would really like a healer (any class), a DH, and one more warlock.

While we would love those interested to be able to join the Prosapia guild proper, it is not a requirement to join our raid team. We have several members of our team who join cross-server. It’s more important that we have someone who can make our raid nights consistently.

If you think you may be interested in joining Prosapia, add Andarieal #1514 or Cy #1256 and tell us about yourself.

You can join our wow community https://blizzard.com/invite/3pybh0m0

And check out what a typical raid night is like on youtube: