(A) Primordius - Lf more casuals


We are a small Alliance guild on Jubei’thos. We are made up of close mates that having been playing together since 2012.

We are looking to add to our roster to create a more social environment and have more people to run with.

We play casually as irl gets priority for us these days but we get on as much as we can.

Run Bg’s, 2’s, 3’s and Mythic +. Some also pug into raids. We also have a very active Discord for general/game chat. If this sounds interesting to you add me on Discord and we can get you in :)

Hey man, this sounds exactly like the guild I'm looking for.

I'm a casual ilvl350 Fury Warrior, looking to get into some BGs with a team so its not so painful.

I threw you an invite in game.