(A) Praetorian Guards LFM

Praetorian Guards has been on the server since day 1. We have all content on farm. Currently we are looking for a few exceptional raiders to round out our weekday raid team. Days are Tuesday and Thursday, with raid invites going out at 5:30 and pulls starting by 6. Raid end is 9 pm.

Our current needs are:

Fury Warriors - 2
Holy Paladin - 1

Our current loot system is a DKP bid system. You get DKP for showing up on time, periodically as the raid progresses, for boss kills, and for raid end. Minimum bid is 10 dkp per item with no cap. MS>OS.

We use discord for voice communications. While talking is not required, having the ability to listen is.

As far as you, we don’t care if you are in epic gear or not, as long as you have most of your pre raid BiS gear, and a desire to play your toon to the best of your ability.

If interested please send me a tell in game, or reply to this post with your info so I can reach out to you. My battletag is Lenzypoo#2729 if you wish to reach me that way.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

check your battle tag requests.

Updated for our latest needs.