A Plea: Make MCP a unique item

A Druid once told me “It’s not the MCP grind I hate. I hate what I became because of it.”

I feel bad for these Druids. This MCP chain farm is clearly having an effect on their mental health. Please make MCP a unique item. We need to help out our fellow man/woman as they’re clearly going through a tough time. Druids won’t have to hate their lives anymore as they spend 6 hours a day in that dreaded instance. They can spend more time with their families, enjoy better productivity at work and I just think they would be generally better people in the long run. This clearly benefits society as a whole.

One of the loading screen tips makes reference to going outside as well, please make this a reality once more for these poor individuals.

Thank you.


just go outside tbh, you dont need that extra dps do you?


apparently if they don’t meet a parse threshold they delete their character.


Apparently if players are too lazy to make a class that can gold farm they QQ on forums, then try to Downplay any reasoning that their motives are faulty

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i fail to see the correlation. you cannot purchase MCP. if you want them, you have to farm them.

having said that, druids dont NEED MCP. they can go outside same as everyone else

Or just…don’t farm it?

If someone needs Blizzard to force you to not do something, then perhaps you’re no longer playing the GAME for fun. You’re just going through a compulsion.


Eh, it’s not uncommon for the ‘fun’ part of a game to be locked behind some chores.


Lmao the correlation is that supporters of the change are happy because they don’t instance farm for gold and downplay the mcp as not necessary. Mcp is 200-300 sos increase. Maybe you don’t need those flasks for every raider for speed clears either? Not everyone plays on a pve server and so don’t always keep full buffs getting into raids. Considering you play on skeram, you wouldn’t know a thing about that, but have fun opening the aq gates :rofl::rofl::rofl:

go boomkin so they’ll consider giving me ret aura and judgement of the crusader.

Nothing to do with MCP, but they need to revert the change. It’s dumb, and doesn’t have the intended effect.


You know I don’t like the 30/day lockout. But this particular guy is asking for blizzard to make the pummeler unique…to physically prevent him from farming more. That sounds like an addiction more than chores.


In which case he either has a severe addiction or he’s just troolling the druids…

To be honest, I didn’t read his post past the title. I don’t actually believe a reasoning to make a change like that I can agree with exists so I didn’t bother.

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Yeah, its a very odd request. Like I said, I personally dislike the 30/day lockout…and I think there are very legitimate reasons for that. But there are also a LOT of bad takes on it that deserve criticism.

You can dislike this change for the right reasons, and you can dislike it for the wrong reasons. I just want people to dislike it for the right reasons.

I mean… yes? In Classic they kind of do.

man, if you were gonna make a change to MCP, would rather see the charge limit removed. Then you can have your MCP without the farming. But, if they did that, they would break the item by putting a CD on the one use effect.

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Make it also effect spell casting


Skeram will be one of the first gates open.
Multiple guilds have alliance alts with mats. It will be open on the 2nd Tuesday

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You dont have to do the chores tho. I raid heroic in retail and I dont dont weekly’s dailies, I didnt level my cloak, I didnt grind my necklace, I dont do battlefront, I don’t pop consumes, I dont rep grind, I didnt essence grind, I dont do anything except log in, walk to the instance and go. Works fine.

Same with Classic. You only have to do chores if you want to, or if your OCD compels you.


That entirely depends on where the ‘fun’ part is for you. Killing bosses vs maximizing performance.

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