[a] <plan b> recruiting members for our core raid team

Plan B is a guild of experienced raiders looking to infuse our guild with more dedicated raiders that want to transfer to a new home and a fresh start on Kurinnaxx. We are an active group of players who play all times of the day. We are currently recruiting exceptional players for the core raid team, we are focused on doing well and having fun. We have one raid group.
As an incentive to join we are willing to discuss putting a particular item on reserve that you may need to finish of your set.

When do we raid?
Sundays – 6:30PM PST: Onyxia & Molten Core 10/10

What do we need?
We are accepting exceptional players, must be on classic.logs. Currently recruiting is open to all classes that can prove they deserve the gear. We do accept any chill casual players or PVPers. Our main focus is to recruit 1 more of each class.

How is our culture?
We have Officers and Class leaders, and a friendly group of players who do their best to participate in activities with all of our members. We reward players who work hard to perform in raids by obtaining pre-raid bis, bringing consumables, being fully enchanted and prepared for raid. Our discord during the raid is quiet/raid talk. We don’t have spam/random discord chat during our raids, nobody cares and we are trying to focus.

How is loot distributed?
Instead of us having 8 random people voting for their friends to get loot we have a class leader for each class that will determine who gets what gear for their class, with guidance from the other class leaders (the council). Obviously based on performance, attendance and other factors.

How should you join?
If you’re interested in this opportunity in being in one of the top guilds of Kurinnaxx, contact one of our recruitment officers.

Ingame: Angrynaga, Malverde
Discord: Angrynaga#0776