[A] <Phoenix> Refreshing and looking for more!

Hello my fellow Whisperwindians! or Windians…? or whisperends…? Anywho We are currently looking for a few more people to join us for some casual raiding with a little extra oomph on progression =). We are currently 8/8n 3/8H and raid wed-thurs 8pm - 10pm Server(Central). In addition to raiding we do enjoy mythics @ the beach, pet collecting and battling on rainy days and good old fashioned old content mog/mount runs in the mountains. Please feel free to reach out to me either here or in game with either a simple /tell or mail with any questions or some of that sweet sweet goodness that is more info. Ty and goodnight! I am here all week!

Hi everyone. Please check us out if you are interested. We take new and veteran raiders. We are laid back and patient.

Any chance you could use a warlock? I bake good cookies even though they are green, I throw lots and lots of DoTs, I sometimes leave burning rush on and my nitrous boost belt fails 90% of the time so I’m fun to heal! :wink:

I came back in mid-August after about a 6 month break and everyone in the guild disappeared to Classic the next week. So, I’ve been flying solo catching up. But pugging has been getting old and I’m looking to make a change.

I have a fun personality, am easy going, patient, punctual, love to work hard, have fun, help others, pester the horde and enjoy jumping into anything; maybe even fire sometimes but hey, gotta keep things interesting! Look forward to talking with you :slight_smile:

We could use a cookie baker! ::Ahem:: I mean Warlock! i would love to have a chat with you today or tomorrow, i will be on a bit later tonight otherwise feel free to reach out to Indrajin, Elfyra or Bowlder =) Chat with ya soon!

/Edit, or feel free to add me on friends for giggles! Aetherynn#1517

I love cookies!

Casts Easy-Bake Oven :slight_smile:

/edit 4/8H ty all for an aMEIzing night! (See what i did thur!) Anywho still looking to add to our ranks, if you are still on the fence or just looking for a forever home(awww!) feel free to reach out to me via here, in game mail, in game /tell, polaroid, Facebook, Instagram, Hipstervibe or psychic link! Hope to hear from ya soon! <3

PS. DEATH to Azshara!

/Edit #2 now 5/8H! Come join us in the greatness of bitter defeat then sweet sweet triumph! we raid wed-thurs 8pm-10pm server. But even if raiding isnt quite your thing or you like it one week but are like MEH the next, come on down your the next contestant on Phoenix!!

::cough:: 6/8H not too horribly shabby for a casual guild, anywhoossss, Currently looking for a few DPS and perhaps someone who doesnt mind keeping the attention of a target or 3 while some of us beat on it and/or heal =). As mentioned before we raid wed-thur 8pm-10pm server and would love to have you to see if we are the right fit for you! P.S. Will bribe with feasts/flasks/enchants/gems! <333

Lots of fun to be had with good people. Come join us.