[A] Phoenix Down Recruitment

25 TOGC 50/50 Semi-Hardcore Guild

Tue and Wed - 6-9pm - Loot Council

Off-night raiding:
Thur: 6pm ICC alt run - SR (optional, alts welcome)
Sat: 10 Man ICC - MS>OS (main raider prio, optional/encouraged)
Sun: 10 Man ICC - MS>OS (main raider prio, optional/encouraged)

Main Raid is Loot Council using That’s My BIS. Loot Council prioritizes That’s My BIS lists with an emphasis on even/fair loot distribution.

Tank: Paladin Tank with DPS off-spec or DK Tank with a DPS off-spec
DPS: UH DK, Aff. Lock, Feral Druid, Fire Mage and/or any other skilled player.

We’re a fairly relaxed but focused group, looking for friendly and compentent folks with an aim to get all HM content on farm. Dad content: medium. Furry content: available upon request. Reach out to akiru. io for those.

If you’re interested, please respond here, or contact any of the following officers (in game names in parenthesis) - razisgosu (razisgosu/paladinpower), ese51 (waterspawner), akiro. io (akiru), civiljihad (kazaa), shockibalboaenyoface (shockibalboa)


Bump, still looking!

bump, recruiting for ICC, OP updated with current needs!

I’m looking to change to an east coast server and find a new raiding guild, I currently am playing a fury warrior but I mained a Blood DK in phase one on my old server. I’m willing to role either or lvl a new character that you guys need filled.

4.5 lock lf new raid guild the one im in currently is a joke and my gearing has slowed to a crawl because of it… also they have really toxic groups… LF more raid less drama PM me (Epiccreation)

greetings Phoenix Down guild
i’m restoration druid (4.9) “gear score” , off spec balance 4.9 gear score also have feral clothes 4.2 gear score , if still you have extra slot , could you consider me .

We are progressing through Heroic ICC 25M (6/12). Looking for a few healer and dps for our 25M raid team. We have a great raid environment for dedicated players originating from Naxx 40 in Classic WoW.

We are looking for:
Fire Mage, Demo Warlock, Feral Druid or other great DPS.

Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, or Resto Druid.