(A) <Peak> New weekend guild looking for raiders

Who is Peak:

Peak is a new alliance guild on Proudmoore that was established by experienced raiders and friends. We are looking for raiders to fill our core roster so that we can dive into Mythic content. We are striving for a fun and relaxed environment, while still maintaining a solid push in raids on a light schedule.
Willing to merge with a guild. Would discuss ranks, ideals, etc. Days/Times are set however!

Raid Times

Saturday - 5 PM - 8 PM PST
8 PM - 11 PM EST
Sunday - 5 PM - 8 PM PST
8 PM - 11 PM EST

What are we looking for?

Non-DK tank

Holy / Disc Priest
Holy Paladin

Ele Shaman


  • All Specs / Classes are encouraged to apply regardless of if they are listed above.

Contact Us

If you feel like you may fit in, please feel free to contact one of us via bnet, or simply post below and we will contact you!

  • Officer : Thrillhouse#1644

  • GM : Rae#1385

If you can handle crude humor, we might be the place for you :wink:

I love my guildies :slight_smile:

still looking

Need solid dps / heals to come play with us!

Still looking!

Updated open applications

Still looking

Gimmie those rdps !!

Just need some rdps and 1 rogue!! Possibly another healer. :slight_smile: come chat

How far are you guys? I am looking for a home for myself (warlock) and 2 of my friends (RPaly w/ holy off, and Rogue) Our guild fell apart a few months back and we are looking to get back into it.

We are reforming from a previous guild and were 4/9h before we had to stop raiding. If you guys are interested in joining us feel free to add me.

Hello there! I’d love to chat. :slight_smile: ATM our roster is mostly past CE raiders! I think we could be a good fit.

Updated recruitment needs

Raiding this weekend, still need a few more dps to join us!

Where all the RDPS at? :smiley:

My friends and I will try to make it tonight.

Shoot me a btag request so I can invite you tonight! Rae#1385

Looking for more willing raiders!

Need those DPS and 1 more healer for core!! Lets do mythic progression guys!