<A>Part Time Raiders - looking for more dps

Realm: Cenarius (Alliance)
Guild: Part Time Raiders
Weekend raiding

We are now 9/9 H Dazar'alor and 2/2 H CoS! We are still looking for some people to fill out our roster.

Who are Part Time Raiders? We are a group of players who have been playing together for several years now and have a great time doing it.

We are seeking casual raiders that enjoy to raid, pvp, do mythic +, achievements and quest. We encourage members to be able to play multiple roles as we run alt raids on off days. We're currently looking for a few key people to fill out our raid team. We are looking for strong dps with offspec tank or heals.

Top needs:
Windwalker monk
Shadow priest
Balance druid
DPS Shaman

We’re looking for dependable players who are fast learners and want to see content while still having fun. We try to be flexible about attendance but we do need consistent raiders for our core group.

Progression raiding is Fri/Sat 9:30-12:30 eastern.
Alt raid Sun 7:30-10:30 eastern.

We use Discord for voice chat. It is required for all progression content.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Eilindara (Eilindara#1850) or Emzie (Emzie#1659)!


Look at us go!

Come join the fun!


We are now 3/9 H Dazar’alor!

We are now 5/9 H!

LF more dps, ideally mage, monk, and shadow priest. Though, any dps are encouraged to try out with us!

8/9 H now

Looking for:

  • Windwalker Monk
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balanced Druid
  • Hunter
  • DPS Shaman
  • Mage

We’re still looking for DPS! ^^up we go!