[A]- Pagle (PvE) <Divine Brutality> | Weekdays-M/W 7:30pm-11:00pm 17/17 Top 6 on server! LF DPS!

Cleared all classic content, all BC content, and 17/17 in wrath, top 6 on server! Recruiting for Ulduar!

Check us out on logs! https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/pagle/divine%20brutality

|Semi Hardcore Guild|

Who we are?
DB has been around since molten core in Classic WoW, we have fully progressed through every raid with efficiency. We promote a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming, but focused. We use an extensive, transparent loot-council system. We use thatsmybis.com so you know what position you are for an item, and know exactly when you’ll receive it.

What we expect? What does Semi-Hardcore mean anyway?
We expect everyone to have consistent raid attendance, Consumables are a must, and be knowledgeable and skillful in your particular role. Semi-Hardocre means to us as a guild, to give every raid 100% maximum effort, we know when to have fun and relax, but we know people have schedules and real lives. We raid 2 days a week for this reason. Current content will be cleared on Wednesday, with the guild doing several older raids on Monday, or further progress if needed.

The team is currently in need of:

One Unholy Death Knight!
One Affliction Warlock!

Other players are encouraged to join! Exceptional players are always welcome!
You can contact me in game, Skallix on the Pagle realm, Battle net Mrhasu#11802, or on discord MrHaSu(Harelda)#1402

Please join our discord and post your information in the recruitment channel.

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