[A] [Pagle] <Last Chance> | Tues/Thurs 8-11 EST | 2SR>MS+1>OS | Recruiting for ICC

Last Chance on the PAGLE-US realm is looking for like-minded players for efficient raid/achievement progression. We are “casually hardcore” - meaning, we are not going for server first progression kills, but we also want to experience current tier content without wasting time. Like you, many of us have families and other responsibilities, so we want to have fun but also be respectful with our online time.


  • 5/5 ToGC 25m (5/5 HM)
  • 5/5 ToGC 10m x2 (5/5 HM) 50/50

Raid Details:

  • 25 Man Groups - Tuesday / Thursday 8 pm - 11 pm Server time
  • 10 Man Group “Red” - filled
  • 10 Man Group “Blue” - Monday’s -8 pm - 11 pm Server Time

Recruitment Needs:

  • Paladin - Holy or Protection
  • Druid - Feral or Balance
  • Priest - Shadow (Bonus points if you have a holy off-spec)

We believe that a healthy roster is the key to continued success. We are not looking to recruit bench-warmers, these are core raiding spots for our 10m teams as well as our 25m group. As always, good players are encouraged to apply regardless of the current postings. We encourage all applications to those who are interested, as all may be considered!

(Except rogues…because nobody likes you…) :rofl:

Loot System:

We use a soft reserve system with additional benefits for those who meet the raid attendance goal. After that it’s Main Spec over Off Spec with a +1 threshold on main spec loot won. We feel this system allows for all team members to have a fair chance at loot, while ensuring gear is distributed in an optimized manner.

Raid Expectations:

  • Willingness to come prepared (consumes/gems/enchants)
  • Knowledge of your class and basic game/raid mechanics
  • 80% Attendance
  • Open to giving/receiving constructive feedback
  • Communication

For more information, contact one of our officers in-game.

  1. Blizzard: Günbunny
  2. Blizzard: Mordus
  3. Blizzard: Fuzzywind
  4. Blizzard: Elsenn

Thank You!