[A] Pagle <Gauntlet> Casual raiding guild LF Holy Pally, exceptional DPS, Tue/Sun 8-11pm EST

Gauntlet-US-Pagle- is a casual Wrath classic alliance progression guild starting from day 1 of the US Pagle server. We are the longest running casual guild on Pagle.

Our 25 man raid team currently is looking for the following classes who can regularly attend our raids:

Holy Pally
Any other consistent DPS players.

Current 25 Progression 11/12 ICC Normal, 1/12 ICC Hero
Current 10 Progression 12/12 ICC Normal, 8/12 ICC Hero

Tues/Sundays 8pm - 11pm Server time. (EST)

We utilize a 2 item Soft Reserve loot system with a limited loot council for specific items and to ensure that we have a fair distribution of loot that best helps the raid team as a whole.

We are a mature guild with a PG-13 discord and guild chat.

We also run several member directed 10M raids a week.