[A] <OverAchiever> Seeking players for S4

:star2: Stormrage-US
:star2: Progress: 9/9H, 3/9M (Currently we are rebuilding to go back into mythic)

Raid Nights and Times:
Friday 9:00p - 12:00a Server / Eastern US Time
Saturday 9:00p - 12:00a Server / Eastern US Time

We are seeking more members to help fill out the off nights for mythic plus running, PVP, ect on non-raid nights. If there’s enough interest, we may introduce a Casuals / Alt night.

:star2: Recruiting

  • AOTC raiders looking to transition to Mythic
  • Players interested in completing keystones (Most of us are clearing 16+ but always willing to help others learn / do lower keys!)
  • Casuals and Returning players welcome!

:star2: Classes/Roles Needed for Raid Team

  • Our roster is currently being rebuilt so at this time all we are seeking are willing and active players to build up our ranks.

:star2: About the Guild

We take an efficient based approach to raiding. By focusing more on player improvement rather than toxic raid practices, we are able to keep a friendly, stress-free environment! We are not shy to make each other laugh with inside jokes, dirty humor etc. whilst still able to focus on the kills. When we are not raiding, we offer a variety of other activities throughout the week (Or at least we’re trying while we rebuild!). We run multiple key groups ranging from +2’s all the way to +20’s, Achievement runs, Transmog farming, and a discord we’re seeking to get more active again!

There is truly something for everyone from raiders to new/returning players! No experience required to join guild, those interested in raiding will go through a very casual trialing period. Feel free to ask more if you’re interested!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Guild Master: Coda
B-Net : Codalaw#1712
Discord : Codalaw

Recruitment Officer: Fluffie
B-net: Fluffie#1135
Discord: xFluffiex

We are still actively seeking members.