(A) <Organized Crime> - Dalaran - 4/9M. Casual Mythic & AOTC Focused Guild

Are you looking for a new guild family to fill that void creeping into your heart? Are you fond of weirdos and strange people to spend your time with? on Dalaran might just be for you.

< Organized Crime > is an AOTC casual focused raiding guild looking for new buds to join our shenanigans. We will raid Tues and Thurs 7:30-10:30 EST and our members are active other days doing other content such as M+, achievements and exploration.

We are growing and trying to keep a family-type guild that likes people who can not only have a good time and play well with others, but can also pull their weight and focus on progressing to all of our best ability.

< Organized Crime > is looking for: Players who WANT to play and show up and just be active!

– People we can depend on. Raid attendance is a must. We do understand emergencies and life happening, but we require an 85% attendance along with dependable performance in raids.
– People who know their stuff. Whether it’s your class/spec, role or raid encounters, please have a well-rounded knowledge of your stuff and what’s going on.
– People who can take constructive criticism and also help out the guild when need be.
– People who play well with teams. We like people who can encourage, help and work well with their fellow players in our guild.

But what can < Organized Crime > can offer you?

– An active and growing social roster. (Still new this will come in time)
– Constant progression and focus on end-game content.
– A nontoxic raid environment.
– A family-type atmosphere.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to one of our contacts: Btags below
GM - Dominitus#1741

Still looking for everything come xpac.

Hey! I’ve been recently getting back into WoW with the DF hype train going. I was planning to reroll to a healing evoker once pre-patch hits, do you have a spot for one in your raiding roster?

Sure contact me in game and we can chat.

Do you have room for another lock? Been playing since Vanilla. Took a break After Castle Nathria. Looking to get back into it for DF

I’ll add you tomorrow posting to remember

Just realized my profile pic is my alt Darkmezz this is my main Mezzery

Yes everyone that posted please contact me :slight_smile:

Hows everyone doing.
Pre-Patch soon. Lets get a few new friendly faces up in here.

Boop! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.

Hope everyone is having a great prepatch.

Just moved here looking for a guild have a mage/lock and Disc/holy Priest

Hit me up in game.

Can use a good mage / DK for the group

We can use a good mage for our group now still

8/8N and 3/8 Heroic now as well.

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Can use a good solid healer.

5/8H now as well

6/8H now as well

Can use some heals and a Monk

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