[A]<Organized Chaos> is looking for more chaos!

We at Organized Chaos are looking for more chaotic members to join us as we push further into mythic Ny’alotha . Currently 12/12H we are looking for DPS and one healer ,other roles will be considered. We raid Friday and Saturday 5pm-8pm server (8pm-11pm EST). With a alt raid on Monday and M+ on off nights.

We provide the following:

  • Food

  • Flasks/Pots

  • Repairs

  • A very laid back casual sense of raiding while getting bosses down.

What we expect from you:

  • Able to use discord.(Mic not required ability to listen is)

  • Attendance- Life will always come first.A notice that you will not be able to attend will be appreciated.

  • Able to look up boss fights before hand so we can do less explaining and down more bosses.

  • An understanding of your class.

  • Ability to take criticism on your class that will be beneficial to you to perform better.

We have been around since the end of MoP and have always gone for AoTC in every raid tier but we want to go further into mythic! If you have anymore questions please reach out to me @ btag WILLpower93#1290 or send a in-game message to Amunras, Verakis, Kiniokin, Fixd, Ryujinn.