[A] <Orden Khamkoka> PVP GUILD Open SL Recruitment

With the announced server connections tomorrow Sept 10 2020 with Frostmane, Ner’zhul, and Tortheldrin, we are looking forward to joining the community on Cairne and Perenolde, and we would like to welcome all the new folks to our server group!

Orden Khamkoka is now currently actively recruiting for Shadowlands.

Guild Information
Orden Khamkoka has been around on Frostmane since Mists. and reformed in BFA, and is the fastest growing pvp guild on Frostmane, Ner’zhul, and Tortheldrin

Our guild is a pretty close knit, and we are always looking to grow our ranks. We run alot of rated BGS, mythic+ and world pvp currently and are now prepping for Shadowlands, recruitment is open to any and all players and classes at this time, pvp experience is a HUGE asset

PVP Schedule
Friday/Saturday @, 8:00 PM BG length varies. Central Standard Time.

World PVP Schedule

Tues @, 8:00 PM length varies. Central Standard Time

Mythic+ Schedule

Weds @, 8:00 PM length varies. Central Standard Time

We are listed in the in game guild finder, or you can send an in game mail to myself Ezekias-frostmane, for more info (etc) and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield butchering horde with us!