[A or H] LFG - Returning players looking for a fri/sat AOTC focused guild

My girlfriend and I are returning to WoW for shadowlands and are hoping to find a guild that can raid heroic (and maybe a bit of mythic), run some mythic+, and do some casual pvp with. We’re not into super hardcore min/maxing guilds. We do research and want to get better at our classes but we mostly want to clear some content with friends. Due to real life commitments we are not flexible on our raid days, so fri/sat evenings/night PST is the only time we can raid (but happy to do other content randomly through the week if we have time).

We currently play Alliance on Lightbringer, we would prefer to stay with alliance (my dwarf too damn cool to give up), but we are willing to change server and faction if your guild seems like a good fit.

I main shaman, mostly elemental but happy to play any shaman spec. I am looking into a ‘main alt’, but undecided so far. My girlfriend mains druid resto/balance, and has a ‘main alt’ rogue. We both have experience raiding in FFXIV. Girlfriend raided in WoD, but I don’t have any WoW raiding experience so far (but I’m eager to learn!).

If we sound like a good fit, feel free to message me:
Bnet: Seaniey#6767
Discord: Seano#3828


Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some good caster DPS. We’re also active in Mythic+. Check us out.