[A or H] 1/8M|AOTC 430 Fury/Prot War LFG

IDEALLY schedule includes 1 day on weekends, but open minded

Hello! Trying to find a new home for my needed craving to raid. I used to raid hard core back in the days of WOTLK, BC, Cata, etc. Have high end older achievements including: “Light of Dawn”, “Astral Walker”, and “of the Nightfall”.

BFA expansion’s experience:

  • Uldir: 4/8 Mythic and AOTC
  • BOD: 8/8H AOTC
  • EP: 1/8M and 8/8H AOTC
  • 1k+ IO score for mythic plus (S1/S2/S3)

Cannot add links to my post. But I am currently on Sargeras (Alliance) and warrior name is: Bootycharge

And finally, you can contact me:

  • Battletag: DoctorBooty#11709
  • Discord: DoctorBooty#1983

Afternoon, I sent you a real id request. “KoA” |4/8M| Looking for high performing DPS to join the raid team for Mythic Progression. |Lock/mage/Spriest/Rogue/War| Raid times: Tues/W/Thurs 630-930 CST | Menolikeu#1507 Btag add if interested.