[A] <Onlyhomies>10/10H Fri/Sat recruiting for heroic/mythic

Onlyhomies is a new raid team currently recruiting dps and healers. The raid team is 10/10H and looking to pick people up and push further into heroics with the eventual goal of a 20 man mythic team. Raid times are 8-11PM EST. If interested contact Puppy#5726 on Discord or Puppy#1636 on Battle net for more info.

We’ve pretty much one shot all Normal Raid Bosses! Heroics will be easy as well

Update: 3/10H and looking for heals and DPS!!!

5/10 Heroic Lets gooooo

Lady Inerva dead! 6/10!!! Still looking for good heals/dps

8/10 HEROIC Moving UPPPP

Yo me and a buddy are looking to join a raiding guild. I’ve tried to hit you up on discord, no love. Lets connect Zartana#1989. I’m a resto druid my buddy is a warrior.

Sire is down! 10/10H!